About NGSA

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency is a parastatal under the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. The Agency has the statutory role of providing relevant and up-to-date geosciences information necessary for economic development of Nigeria. This is accomplished through a systematic process of gathering, collating, assessment and dissemination of all information related to rocks, minerals and groundwater resources of the country.

The Agency was established by Nigerian Geological Survey Establishment Act 2006. Its earliest precursor the Geological Survey of Nigeria (GSN), was set up in 1919 following the amalgamation of the Mineral Survey of Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1909 and 1913, respectively.


To evolve an open, transparent and flexible organization
that will provide geosciences information and
knowledge for wealth creation and
national development


To emerge as the ultimate referral point for geosciences information and knowledge using highly qualified and skilled professional, cutting-edge technology and in collaboration with stakeholders

Our Mandate

The statutory functions of the NGSA are summarized as follows:
  • Carry out detailed geological investigations, including analytical and laboratory works, photo geology and other interpretations, core drilling, well-logging, geo-statistics and other mineral calculations as estimations, and valuation.
  • Produce geological, geophysical and geo-chemical maps of Nigeria on various scales.
  • Promote the search for and exploitation of minerals in Nigeria.
  • Undertake research In the field of geosciences and mineral resources in Nigeria
  • Compile and develop a comprehensive and integrated collection and dissemination of knowledge of geology, geo-chemistry, geophysics, engineering geology, economic geology, geochronology, marine geology and geomagnetism.
  • Serve as national repository of all geoscience information relating to the earth, the marine environment and geomagnetic space.
  • Study the use of the surface and sub-surface of the earth, and from geoscientific viewpoint, advice government institutions and the general public on the Judicious and safe use thereof.
  • Develop and maintain the National Geosciences Information Centre and other such centre as may be approved by the Board, the National Geological Data Infrastructure, the National Geological Research Laboratory, the National Borehole Core Depository, the National Geophysical and Goo-chemical test sites and the Geological Museum;
  • Conduct investigations and render specialized geological services to the public and private institutions.
  • Undertake research on behalf of the Federal and State governments, any other government institutions, and support such research financially or otherwise.
  • Undertake joint research project with ministries, extra-ministerial departments and agencies, universities and other tertiary institutions..
  • Cooperate with educational authorities and scientific or technical societies for the promotion of the education and training of researchers, technical experts and other supporting personnel technical institution and Universities.
  • Cooperate with persons and institutions undertaking geological and mineralogical research in other countries by exchange of geo-scientific knowledge and means of international meetings and research projects.
  • Establish, organize, run, operate, conduct and participate in such training courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia and similar study group as may enhance the activities of the Agency or the efficiency of any of its officers and employees.
  • Promote investment in Nigeria’s solid minerals and cooperate with both local and foreign investors and organizations.
  • Maintenance and up-dating of solid minerals statistics and data bank for investment promotion.
  • Produce periodic and annual reports of minerals statistics.

Who we are

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) is a dynamic body in the area of geosciences and is always engaged in applied researches, Geoscientific information monitoring, Environmental sciences, and Mineral resources development in Nigeria.

It is a parastatal under the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD), and is charged with the responsibility of carrying out basic geoscientific research to advance the knowledge of geology and mineral deposits in Nigeria.

What we do

  • Geological mapping
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Geotechnical mapping
  • Geochemical mapping
  • Marine and coastal geological surveys
  • Geohazard monitoring
  • Mineral exploration
  • Remote sensing interpretation
  • Map production
  • Laboratory services

Parent Ministry

Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development