Below are some of the agency’s consistently growing database

National Mineral Occurrence Database
Mineral Occurrence Database for 36 States and the FCT.
Geophysical Data – Magnetic and Radiometric (on-going airborne survey)

National Mineral Occurrence database

The Nigeria Geological Survey Agency has produced a mineral occurences database of Nigeria, this database operates on a Microsoft Access platform. It describes the location and characteristics of the metallic and non-metallic mineral resources in the country.

The information contained within the database includes commodity name, location, state, status, type, reserve, grade, geology and mineral association. It also offer the user the ability to query it for different geo-scientific information. This to a large extent, can assist and facilitate easy investment decisions in the solid mineral sector of the country.

Corelog Database

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency has the statutory mandate to provide geoscientific data for National development. The National Core Repository in Kaduna contains valuable subsurface data on the sedimentary basins and basement rocks of Nigeria. The National Core Repository has many cores boxes acquired from within the Agency and other stakeholders.

To this end, the Agency embarked on the production of a drill hole/ core log database to facilitate access to the geo scientific information contained in the National core repository. This database has Microsoft Access front end and a Virtual Basic back end.