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The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency is a parastatal under the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. The Agency has the statutory role of providing relevant and up-to-date geosciences information necessary for economic development of Nigeria. This is accomplished through a systematic process…

Core Functions

Geological Mapping

The Regional Geology Department of the Agency primarily carries out geological mapping which is aimed at providing information on the distribution of various rock types present on the country’s landscapeRead More »

Mineral Exploration

In its quest to generate adequate and appropriate mineral data, the Economic Geology Department has been mandated to perform the following functionsRead More »

Geotechnical & Drilling

Drilling is a very vital process in the exploration – minerals, water and foundations. It is the culmination of the mineral exploration process whereby the third dimension of a prospect, the subsurface geometryRead More »


The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency uses geophysical techniques for geological mapping and mineral exploration in the country. This research work enables the proper identification of geological structures controlling mineralizationRead More »


The Agency has a vibrant cartographic unit responsible for the production of geological maps of various scale series and such other special maps as required by the organizationRead More »


Nigerian Geological Survey Agency carries out various survey and research on the Nigeria geological sphere. Over the years we have created various reports (geological, geotechnical, gravity, geophysical, hydrological reportsRead More »


is a conscious effort by Federal Government of Nigeria to carry out integrated exploration to reduce risk to the mining investor and provide geoscience data. The programme in its design took advantage of the known metallogenic belts in the country and ensured the use deep information, knowledge and skills residing in the government institution for the execution. The Objective of NIMEP is to reduce investors risk, provide information and create wealth along the mineral value chain…
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Research Centers


National Geosciences Information Centre

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National Geoharzards Monitoring Centre

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National Geosciences Research Labs

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National Centre for Marine Geosciences

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EM Database

Nigerian Time Domain Airborne Electromagnetic(TDEM) Survey

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Investment Opportunities

Nigeria has a range of world class minerals resources, such as gold, limestone etc. In addition, it has a variety of other occurrences (more than 45) of medium significance albeit important for small scale mining and industrial development. The world class minerals in Nigeria warrants a closer look especially by foreign mining companies.
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