Litho-structural mapping can generally be used to represent a complete uppermost mantle of the geological past at places exposed by outcrops

The Litho-structural map of Nigeria will serve as a supporting tool cum knowledge in mapping approach by NGSA to revealing the understanding of Nigerian Geology

The Litho-structural map of Nigeria is revealing the detailed structural architecture of the tectonic development of Nigeria as missing in present Geological Map of Nigeria

The story of the Litho-structural map of Nigeria is built around existing national geoscientific data airborne magnetic, radiometric data and reports as available in NGSA.

Major information within the Litho-structural mapping of Nigeria include:

• The Regional structural geometry provides a framework to the tectonic development of Nigeria.
• Insight to a better understanding of the mineral systems of Nigeria.
• It reflects the Litho-structural features affecting the mineralization area and their significance over mineralization.
• It shows the major orientations of lineaments from magnetic images that are predominantly NNE-SSW & minor trending NNW-SSE within the western domain.

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