“The new 1:2 million scale Litho-structural map of Nigeria represents a significant update and approach to mapping and the understanding of Nigerian Geology. It also provides a foundation for understanding the tectonic evolution of Nigeria and its Mineral Systems.

This map is one of the most notable updates from previous iterations of the National Map. It is the presentation of a detailed structural architecture that is a reflection of the tectonic evolution of Nigeria

The previous map versions did not utilize the national airborne magnetic and radiometric data, as a consequence, the structural geometry of Nigeria has not been well captured.

The fundamental goal of this mapping program was to map the regional structural architecture through Nigeria. This provides a basis for building an understanding of the tectonic development which will provide a framework for understanding the mineral systems in Nigeria.”

. . . Dr Abdulrazaq Garba, Director General

In this interpretation, several aspects of the structural geometry of Nigeria were identified:

• The delineated Basement Domains and sub-domains that make-up the Pan-African igneous-metamorphic basement
• Phanerozoic Basins
• Bida Basin rift axis
• High strain domains within the Benue Trough

The Litho-Structural map will provide a foundation for the development of the following which will also be provided for public use soon:
• NGSA Bulletin detailing the Litho-structural mapping and the resulting understanding of the tectonic evolution of Nigeria
• National 1:2 million scale Metallogenic Map
• Benue Trough Architecture and Metallogenic Map
• Detailed Basement Domain maps