Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) is currently working on updating the geochronology of the Nigerian Basement Rocks with credible data on rock ages. The research aims to generate and fill in gaps on Geochronology Map of Nigerian Basement Rocks using Petrography, Geochronology and Isotope geochemistry techniques on selected rock samples. The various rock units of interest have already been mapped out and sampled. The first batch of samples have already been sent to Curtin University in Australia for analysis and the results are being awaited. The project, when completed, will generate a quantitative understanding of the geological evolution of Nigeria rocks and the actual timing of various mineralization there-in. It will serve as an avenue for researchers and explorationists interested in Nigerian Mineralization systems. The outcome of the research shall be published in a high impact peer-reviewed academic journal.
Pictorial workflow of post field activity with yellow shades indicating project status